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Dealing with Domestic Violence


This page contains publications on domestic violence in the Netherlands in the english language.

Associations Between Dysfunctional Personality Traits and Intimate Partner Violence in Perpetrators and Victims
juli 2014. Journal article.

Coming on strong: Is Responsive Aggression Regulation Therapy (Re-ART) a promising intervention?
22-05-2014. Thesis.

When things are getting out of hand: Prevalence, assessment, and treatment of substance use disorder(s) and violent behavior
4-04-2014. Thesis.

Barriers against Child Sex Tourism
10-02-2014. Dutch Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children

'Human trafficking is happening here'
10-09-2013. Fact sheet accompanying the Ninth report of the Dutch Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children.

Relationships Between Suspects and Victims of Sex Trafficking. Exploitation of Prostitutes and Domestic Violence Parallels in Dutch Trafficking Cases
2013. Article in "European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research".

Summary: pdf bestandEffectiveness of the Dutch Temporary Restraining Order Act (pdf, 38Kb) (wodc.nl)
2013. Regioplan beleidsonderzoek, Amsterdam. (full text available only in Dutch).

Current situation of female genital mutilation in the Netherlands
2013. European Institute for Gender Equality.

Female genital mutilation in the European Union and Croatia – Report
2013. Current situation and trends of female genital mutilation in 27 EU Member States and Croatia.

Flying Team against Violence Combating Honor Related Violence, Forced Marriage and Abandonment.
december 2012. Policy, good practices and success factors in Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Turkey. National reports and "Eurpean summary".

Female Genital Mutilation in the Netherlands. Prevalence, incidence and determinants
2013. Results of estimations of the number of women and girls living in the Netherlands in 2012, who have undergone female genital mutilation (fgm) or are at risk of fgm.

Prevent and Combat Child Abuse and Neglect
2012. National Report of Workstream 2: The Netherlands Experiences of Parents and Professionals.

Combating child abuse and neglect in the Netherlands
2012. Result of "Daphne project: Prevent and Combat Child Abuse: What works?"

Summary: pdf bestandNational policy domestic violence; theory-based evaluation 2002-2011 (pdf, 36 KB) (via wodc.nl). 2011.
In 2002 the Dutch government initiated a national policy to tackle domestic violence. This report considers how that policy has taken shape since then and what results have been seen. the research question is: 'To what extent and in what way is it reasonable to assume that the policy for dealing with domestic violence in the period 2002 to 2011 was effective?'(full text available only in Dutch)

Summary: pdf bestandOffenders of domestic violence (pdf, 820 Kb) (via wodc.nl). 2011.
This study had the following objectives: 1. to gain insight into the background characteristics and problems of domestic violence offenders; 2. to provide insight into the help-seeking behaviour of offenders and, if possible, into the background of domestic violence; 3. to determine to what extent domestic violence offenders come into contact with the law again. (full text available only in Dutch)

Summary: Domestic violence in the Netherlands
2011. Comprehensive synthesis report on the study of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence

Realising Rights: Case studies on state responses to violence against women and children in Europe
2011. Developments in eight countries.

Summary: The estimates of domestic violence in the Netherlands
2010. A new and reliable estimate of the dimensions of domestic violence.

Summary: Victims of domestic violence in the Netherlands
2010. Survey on victims of domestic violence in the Netherlands.

Download pdf bestandFeasibility study to assess the possibilities, opportunities and needs to standardise national legislation on violence against women, violence against children and sexual orientation violence. (pdf, 2,68 MB)
2010. European Union.

Summary: pdf bestandCosts of absence of employees due to domestic violence (pdf, 13 Kb) (wodc.nl)
2010. Regioplan Beleidsonderzoek. (full text available only in Dutch)

pdf bestandViolence against women and the role of gender equality, social inclusion and health strategies (pdf, 2,7 MB) (via europa.eu)
2010. European Commission.

A Study on Violence against Girls (2009)
Report on the International Girl Child Conference, 9–10 March 2009, The Hague, the Netherlands.

Download the brochure pdf bestandDomestic Violence - August 2008/F&A 8840 (pdf, 125 Kb)
2008. The most important measures from the Action Plan for 2008-2011 entitled De volgende fase (‘The next phase’)

Violence in the domestic sphere
2005. Proceedings of the 2004 Annual Meeting of the School of Human Rights (Maastricht, Netherlands)

Dealing with Domestic Violence
2005. Factsheet Ministry of Justice.

Download Word bestandPrivate Violence - Public Issue (Word, 96 Kb)
2002. Summary of The Netherlands Government memorandum on the joint approch to domestic violence.

Download pdf bestandTackling domestic violence (pdf, 259 Kb)
2001. Investigation into the nature and the extent of domestic violence in The Netherlands.

Download pdf bestandDomestic violence (pdf, 378 Kb)
1997. This study of the extent and nature of domestic violence in The Netherlands covers a wide range of topics.

Download pdf bestandProtect yourself against violence: What you can do yourself (pdf, 102 Kb)
2005: Gaby Wertenbroek and Marianne Cense. Published by TransAct in collaboration with the Shakti Foundation.
Fourth edition