Brochure 'Violence does not have a place in the home'

Brochure about 'Violence does not have a place in the home'. This is a national multi-year programme commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Ministry of Justice and Security and the Association of Dutch Municipalities.


'Violence does not have a place in the home’ aims to reduce domestic violence and child abuse, limit the damage caused, and break the cycle of violence from generation to generation. We need to create a safety network around the victims, as well as the perpetrators or potential perpetrators and their social network.

The programme brings together national, regional and local initiatives, providing coordination and building synergy into our approach to reducing domestic violence and child abuse and finding long-term solutions.

To achieve these results, the programme will reflect the daily practice of over one million professionals working in the fields of social services and public safety, the organisations that they are active in, local government and a range of departments, in order to help them build multidisciplinary and systems-oriented partnerships. There will be a key role to play for the 28 regional project leaders, appointed by the regions themselves, who will function as the focal point for regional partnerships (central municipalities).

The programme will also monitor the effectiveness of this approach. This may lead to the prioritisation of the issues identified by the programme, but it may also lead to the prioritisation of issues identified within the region. A study will be conducted into the indicators used to monitor and examine the (social) impact of the work done by the professionals, organisations and authorities involved.


Programme 'Violence does not have a place in the home'