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Flying Team against Violence Combating Honor Related Violence, Forced Marriage and Abandonment


For the project, each Flying Team-partner was asked to write a ‘national report’ on the situation in their respective countries, from Germany, Sweden, Cyprus, Turkey and The Netherlands.
The findings in the reports are based on (work-related) experiences of the project partners, interviews with non-governmental – grass roots organizations and desk research. All the national reports are originally written in the respective languages of the participating countries, translated in English and published on the websites of the partners.

Good practices

The reports include descriptions of several good practices from the participating countries, as well as an inventory of success factors. The main focus is on awareness raising activities and activities challenging harmful traditional practices in the communities, or aiming to increase empowerment and tenability against (group) pressure and violence.

National discours

In the reports the partners also formulate an impression of the national discourse, the political climate and the national policy on immigration, as well on honor related violence, forced marriage, abandonment in their countries.

Final report

The ‘European Report’ is a summary of the reports of the five countries.
pdf.bestandFlying Team against Violence Combating Honor Related Violence, Forced Marriage and Abandonment. Policy, good practices and success factors in Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Turkey
december 2012.

National report: Cyprus

pdf bestandCyprus (pdf, 484 Kb)

National report: Netherlands

pdf bestandDutch report (pdf, 644 Kb)

National report: Germany

pdf bestandGermany (pdf, 652 Kb)

National report: Sweden

pdf bestandSweden (pdf, 2,72 MB)

National report: Turkey


pdf bestandTurkey (pdf, 224Kb)


pdf bestandTürkiye (pdf, 773 Kb)