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Prevent and Combat Child Abuse and Neglect: The Netherlands Experiences of Parents and Professionals: What Works?


Discriber differences and similarities of the perceptions of parents and professionals in the Netherlands at five levels: the level of the professional, the level of the method/intervention, the setting/organization, the care system and the societal level.

Daphne III: Prevent and Combat Child Abuse

This Dutch national report is published within the framework of the Daphne III programme Prevent and Combat Child Abuse: What works? An overview of regional approaches, exchange and research. The aim of the overall project was to generate relevant knowledge about current strategies that prevent Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) in Europe. It compared five European countries: Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.


  • The first conclusion of the practitioners is that reporting child abuse is still taboo.
  • An integrated approach to child abuse is needed. respondents in our research mentioned some problems, especially with regard to the effective cooperation of the various institutions.

System-oriented approaches recommended

  • the help and support should not only focus on the problems but also on the strength of the families
  • parents and the counsellor work together to find solutions that work for that particular family
  • direct specialist expertise should be available to all families and they should work according to the principles of wraparound care: all necessary assistance in and organized around the family.

Prevention strategy

De Dutch governement must develop a prevention strategy for child abuse and ensure that multidisciplinary aid is offered. According to the principles of “positive parenting”, all municipalities have to introduce a step by step prevention strategy to prevent child abuse. It starts with parenting courses for all new parents and extends to interventions in families at risk for child maltreatment.

pdf bestandDowload full text of Prevent and Combat Child Abuse and Neglect (pdf, 779 KB)(via website Verwey-Jonker Instituut)

Lammerts, R. (2012). Prevent and Combat Child Abuse and Neglect. National Report of Workstream 2: The Netherlands Experiences of Parents and Professionals: What Works? Utrecht: Verwey-Jonker Instituut.