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Het hier weergegeven materiaal heeft voornamelijk betrekking op feiten en cijfers uit (West-) Europa.

European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics


This is the fourth edition of a data collection initiative that started in 1993 under the umbrella of the Council of Europe.
The present document covers the years of 2003-2006 for all areas. In-depth analysis are presented for the year 2006.

The basic structure of five chapters - offences and offenders known to the police, prosecution, convictions and sentences, corrections including non-custodial sanctions and survey data - has been maintained. However, several chapters were revised and extended in various respects.

Chapter 5 presents data from the International Victimisation Surveys conducted between 1989 and 2005.
In addition, for the first time information is included on self-reported delinquency among juveniles (aged 13-16) that was collected in 2006 during the second international self-reported delinquency survey held in 17 European countries.

For data on domestic violence in Eurpean countries
data on offences see p. 45; data on offenders, p. 71

There are also specific data available for other offences: rape p. 46, sexual assaults p. 47, Sexual abuse of minors p. 48

Data available for other offenders
rape p. 72, sexual assaults p. 73, Sexual abuse of minors p. 74

Data available for convictions:
rape p. 169, sexual assaults p. 170

The data are available on externe linkwww.europeansourcebook.org

pdf bestandFull text of European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics (WODC, pdf, 3,8 Mb)