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Het hier weergegeven materiaal heeft voornamelijk betrekking op feiten en cijfers uit (West-) Europa.

European Womans's Lobby (EWL) Barometer: National action plans on violence against women in the EU


The Barometer delivers two grades for each country: the first grade evaluates the existence and type of National action plans (NAP's), on the basis of the EWL definition of a National action plans; the other grade evaluates the Non Governemental Organiszations (NGO) satisfaction of their consultation by the government and allows for a critical analysis of the decision-making/democratic processes.

pdf bestandDownload the complete EWL Barometer (pdf, 4,3 MB)


National Action Plan(s) on violence against women

CountryAction plan
Sweden NAPs on all forms of VAW or on gender equality in general (incl. VAW), with a gender perspective
France – Finland – Germany – Greece – Iceland – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Serbia – Spain – TurkeyNAPS on specific forms of VAW with a gender perspective
Hungary – IrelandNAPs on all forms of VAW or on gender quality in general (incl. VAW), but gender blind
Austria – Belgium – Bulgaria – Croatia – Cyprus – Czech Republic – Denmark – Estonia – Latvia – Malta – Poland – Portugal – Romania – Slovakia – Slovenia – Ukraine – ItalyNAPs on specific forms of VAW, but gender blind

Level of NGO satisfaction with consultation processes on NAP(s)

CountryLevel of satisfaction
DenmarkVery satisfied
Bulgaria – Finland – Iceland – Ireland – Serbia – Spain – UK – UkraineSomewhat satisfied
Austria – France – Germany – Lithuania – LuxembourgNeutral
Belgium – Cyprus – Czech Republic – Estonia – Greece – Hungary – Italy – Latvia – Malta – Portugal – Romania – Sweden – TurkeySomewhat unsatisfied
Croatia – Poland – Slovakia – SloveniaNot satisfied