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Family Violence and Police Response Learning From Research, Policy and Practice in European Countries

Police response to incidents of intimate partner violence can be critical.

Institutional, legal and organizational context

This volume investigates the elements in the institutional, legal and organizational context that are relevant for police response to incidents in the realm of the private sphere and whether there exists a relation with the reporting of such incidents by victims. Addressing this complex question requires insights from research, policy and practice and, as such, any conclusions will have implications for each of these fields. This volume addresses issues that are key elements in the relationship between the (legal) response to family violence and the reporting by victims. These issues concern societal and legal definitions of family violence employed in research, policy making and legal practice; how the legislation of various countries covers violence in the private sphere; the way the police deal with reported incidents of intimate partner violence; and the role that other interventions play in the response to and combat of family violence and intimate partner violence.


  • Introduction / Wilma Smeenk and Marijke Malsch (pdf filepdf version of the Introduction (pdf, 130 Kb) (via ashgate.com))
  • Challenges of surveying violence against women: development of research methods / Natalia Ollus and Sami Nevala
  • Critical issues related to the measurement of intimate partner violence: a clustering analysis of psychometric scores / Juanjo Medina-Ariza and Eduardo Fe-Rodriguez
  • Violence against women in France and issues of ethnicity / Stéphanie Condon
  • Moving in the same or different directions? Reflections on recent developments in domestic violence legislation in Europe / Liz Kelly
  • Violence against women in the Swedish context / Peter Lindström
  • Legal processing of domestic violence cases in the Italian criminal justice system / Anna C. Baldry
  • Family violence against women in Greece / Sevaste Chatzifotiou
  • (Un)organized responses to domestic violence: challenges and changes in Switzerland / Corinna Seith
  • Abuser programmes and violence against women / Russell P. Dobash and Rebecca Emerson Dobash
  • Legislation on family violence and stalking / Marijke Malsch and Wilma Smeenk
  • Family violence and police response: learning from research, policy and practice / Wilma Smeenk and Marijke Malsch

Smeenk, W. & Malsch, M. (Eds.) (2005).Family Violence and Police Response - Learning From Research, Policy and Practice in European Countries. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing. 276p. ISBN: 0 7546 2506 0