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Female genital mutilation in the European Union and Croatia - Report


This report is based on the ‘Study to map the current situation and trends of female genital mutilation in 27 EU Member States and Croatia’.

This report aims to support policy makers and all relevant institutions by providing them with reliable and comparable data for evidence-based actions and policy improvement in the area of FGM. It also provides recommendations on how to protect girls, women and the European society from this destructive and devastating expression of power, and on how to give sufficient support to the girls and women who have fallen victim to this crime.

The report presents among its recommendations a suggestion to implement legal provisions to criminalise FGM. It also points out the need for specialised services for victims of gender-based violence, including counseling and shelters. These services are currently insufficient and unequally distributed in and among the EU Member States. The report also calls for more coordination of FGM-related work among stakeholders at regional, national and international levels.

One of the recommendations is to establish a multi-agency cooperation on the protection of girls and women at risk and victims of FGM, and facilitate the exchange of good practices. A network of experts and key actors on gender-based violence – including FGM – should be established.

pdf bestandFemale genital mutilation in the European Union and Croatia - Report (pdf 1,6 MB) (via eige.europa.eu)

European Institute for Gender Equality. (2013). Female genital mutilation in the European Union and Croatia – Report. Vilnius (Lithuania): European Institute for Gender Equality, European Union.