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Het hier weergegeven materiaal heeft voornamelijk betrekking op feiten en cijfers uit (West-) Europa.

Realising Rights


Research on the extent to which the rights of women and children in european countries are being realised to live lives free of violence and abuse.

This report presents four distinct pieces of research, grounded in data collected across 38 European countries. Chapter 1 extends the FSL project (European Commission (2010) Feasibility study to assess the possibilities, opportunities and needs to standardise national legislation on violence against women, violence against children and sexual orientation violence. Brussels: European Commission.) to analyse legislation on Violence Against Women and child abuse across the non-EU states.
The three comparative case studies (Chapters 2-4) – on National Plans of Action on Violence Against Women, Emergency protection orders and child protection systems – focus on how policy regimes influence the implementation of legal measures. Each is underpinned by human rights standards and takes its points of departure from two conventions – CEDAW and the CRC, alongside the accompanying due diligence obligation of states.

pdf bestandDownload Realising Rights (pdf, 3,2 MB, Website Intervict, Universiteit Tilburg)