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Combating child abuse and neglect in the Netherlands


This report is part of the first workstream, in which the national approaches of combatting child abuse and neglect in the five countries are described and compared to each other.

This report contains six chapters. The first chapter describes the definition and prevalence of child abuse and neglect, the child welfare system in the Netherlands and the main governmental policy on child abuse and neglect. Chapter two, three and four describe the continuum of care: from universal and preventive services, to the detection, reporting and stopping of child abuse and neglect and the treatment services. Each of these chapters contain seven paragraphs, they are about: governmental strategies and actions, involved people and organizations, products, results, good practices, bottlenecks and a summary and conclusion. Chapter five is about the integrating of services and chapter six describes the professionalization of professionals in the Netherlands. We conclude with an overall summary and conclusion.

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