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Overzicht van onderzoek dat op dit moment wordt uitgevoerd op het gebied van huiselijk geweld in Nederland, of specifieke vormen of onderdelen daarvan. De hier weergegeven onderzoeken zijn vooral gericht op kennisvermeerdering.

Does Violence Begets Violence?


Cultural differences in the risk for delinquency among young Moroccan and Dutch adolescent boys

In the past decades we have witnessed a surge in public interest, social intervention, and new public policies aimed separately at ending domestic violence and youth violence. So far, the themes domestic violence and youth violence are often viewed as separate problems. However, a growing body of clinical experience and research reveals that children growing up in violent families are more likely to engage in youth violence. In this study, both forms of violence are examined to see whether and if so, how they interact. Given the overrepresentation of Moroccan boys in the juvenile justice system, it is of importance to develop a research framework on cultural differences in the risk for delinquency among Moroccan-Dutch and Native-Dutch youngsters exposed to domestic violence.

Looptijd: 01 / 2011 - 01 / 2013
Status: Lopend
Onderzoeknummer: OND1345264
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