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Combat honour crimes in Europe 2011-2012


SURGIR Foundation publishes a brochure on the situation of honor killing in different European countries.

Working tool for policy makers and institutions

The information in this manual on honour crimes and their emergence in Europe is the result of documentary research conducted by the SURGIR Foundation in the course of its daily work on the topic, up to the spring of 2011.
This handbook constitutes a pool of current knowledge on the subject. The aim is for the information contained herein to serve as a basis for a better understanding of the situation and to provide a working tool for policy makers, institutions and civil society.

The examples proposed are avenues to be explored as well as actions that are already being implemented in several European states. The situation demands serious and professional work whereby those involved are willing to share their experience with those who ask; it requires initiatives which bring together minds, wills and sustained effort in favour of life.

pdf bestandDownload this brochure Combat honour crimes in Europe 2011-2012 (pdf, 2,4 MB) (Website Surgir)