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Shero WAVE cartoon brochure


Raising awareness about domestic violence through inspirational cartoons

The artist imagines a day in the life of the Shero, whose work is all about preventing and stopping violence against women. What would Shero do if she witnessed violence? Or experienced it? What does she need in order to tackle violence against women?

This cartoon is the result of a WAVE Call for female artists – cartoonists (which ran from September to November 2018). The task was to imagine and present a vision and interpretation of an inspirational role model, the character of a Shero – a female hero, a role model who is an agent of positive change in society.

Istanbul Convention

The story of the cartoon needed to be related to the issue of domestic, psychological and/or sexual violence as it is defined in the Istanbul Convention.

Download the brochure

pdf-bestandShero WAVE cartoon brochure (Pdf-bestand, 9,7 MB, via wave-network.org)