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Violence against women


First volume 1995
Monthly, Peer-reviewed international, interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the publication of research and information on all aspects of the problem of violence against women.
VAW assumes a broad definition of violence; topics to be covered include, but are not limited to, domestic violence, sexual assault, incest, sexual harassment, female infantcide, female circumcision, and female sexual slavery.

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Measuring Economic Abuse in the Lives of Survivors. Revising the Scale of Economic Abuse

Authors: Judy L. Postmus, Sara-Beth Plummer, Amanda M. Stylianou
Recent attention has been given by researchers to understanding how abusers use economic abuse strategies. Unfortunately, limited measures are available to accurately understand the prevalence of economic abuse in the lives of survivors. Recently, researchers created the 28-item Scale of Economic Abuse (SEA) but further validation is needed. This article describes the psycho-metric evaluation of the SEA through confirmatory and exploratory factor analyses using data col-lected with 120 survivors of abuse. The findings provide evidence for the reliability and validity of the SEA-12 as a shorter instrument to measure economic abuse as a distinct form of abuse.
Source: externe linkViolence Against Women May 2016 vol. 22 no. 6 692-703