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Kinderpornorechercheurs en hun mentale weerbaarheid (artikel)


Hoe rechercheurs de impact van kinderpornografiezaken ervaren en daarmee omgaan

Eleven Teams against Child Abuse Images and Transnational Child Sex Offences (TBKKs) are operating within the Dutch National Police Force. This study provides an indepth analysis of the resilience of criminal investigators working in these teams and how they perceive and cope with daily work stressors.

Observational studies within five TBKKs and 35 semi-structured interviews with child pornography investigators revealed that managing their heavy caseloads, classifying abusive images, dealing with suspects and conducting home searches can sometimes be (very) challenging. Despite these demanding work aspects, investigators experience low levels of stress. By employing emotional detachment, self-reflection, workload regulation, social support and meaningfulness, they overcome the stress of investigating internet child exploitation.

However, successful implementation of these resilience-enhancing strategies depends on the availability of several individual and organizational resources. To reduce the risk of health problems and to stimulate positive functioning, these resources require permanent investment from police management and investigators themselves.

Sollie, H., Kop, N. en Euwema, M. (2014). Kinderpornorechercheurs en hun mentale weerbaarheid. In Tijdschrift voor Criminologie. Nr. 4, december 2014.