In the Netherlands each year an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 people experience serious or repeated domestic violence. The government wants to stop domestic violence.

Government-sponsored public information campaigns highlight this important topic and make it possible to talk about it. Domestic exclusion orders can be imposed on offenders to stop the violence.

Dealing with domestic violence

The government wants to tackle and prevent domestic abuse. Measures include:

  • Public information campaigns to prevent violence
  • Stopping domestic violence and protecting victims
  • Recognising and reporting domestic violence
  • The municipality‚Äôs role in combating domestic violence
  • Help for municipalities: guidelines on preventing domestic violence
  • Veilig Thuis (Safe at Home): combating domestic violence and child abuse

Domestic exclusion order and sentencing for domestic violence

People who commit domestic violence can be issued with a 10-day domestic exclusion order. In this 10-day period, all the parties involved will receive help: the offender, the victim and any children affected. The Public Prosecution Service can also decide to prosecute offenders.

Domestic violence and child abuse protocol

A domestic violence and child abuse protocol helps professionals such as doctors, teachers and staff at young offender institutions to respond effectively to signs of violence. Since 1 July 2013 it is mandatory for professionals who suspect a case of domestic violence to consult and follow a special protocol.