Training Manual for Reporting of Gender-Based Violence in Women’s Health Services

Training Manual for health care teams.

Johnson, M., Dulf, D., Sidor, A. (2018). RESPONSE Training Manual for Reporting of Gender-Based Violence in Women’s Health Services. Project RESPONSE, 2017.

The manual aims to support the training of health care teams: health care professionals side-by-side with social workers, working in women’s health services. It includes guiding information to improve the skills of health care teams to provide a comprehensive, patient-centred response.

Health care professionals

By health care professionals we refer to doctors, nurses, midwives, health visitors; particularly those working in gynecology, obstetrics and sexual health, at specialist or hospital level. Primary care pro-fessionals with roles in prenatal and postnatal care might also represent a group of health care pro-fessionals that could benefit from the training (country specific). Along with health care professionals, the health care team includes social workers (support workers, psychologists) who have the role of gender-based violence prevention advocates.


Project RESPONSE – Multi-Agency Response for Reporting on Gender-Based Violence in Maternal Health Services, is a two-year project, co-funded by the European Commission under the Daphne Programme to provide capacity building in five European countries in order to increase disclosure in patients and referral to specialized services for survivors of gender-based violence in maternal health settings, using a rights-based, gender-sensitive and survivor-centered approach.